Tuesday, October 23, 2007

F I G H T S *sigh*

Today before we left homeschool craft the kids had a big problem...again. Very typical of what has been going on lately. After I nursed Penelope in my van I went in search of the older kids. Denise, Charlotte, Sage, Ethan, Tessa and Emma were out back in a playhouse type thing. (like a pavilion with walls type outdoors thing). Apparently the kids were "building" a club house or something. As I got closer I heard Ethan yelling and screaming very loudly in anger and Charlotte yelling back. I was like oh great here we go again. Denise told me she has been telling every one to be peaceful and inviting.

Charlotte carried on like a brat saying the little kids ruined things and nailed part of the screen to a tree stump and that they aren't allowed. Ethan and Sage said they didn't nail anything or ruin anything and that Charlotte just doesn't want them inside. Charlotte told them that they did do it and this went on and on. The boys also said no one would let them nail anything or show them how and they insisted that they were as good as the older kids. Charlotte acted so insane. I just don't know what has gotten into her, she is never like this. Lately she acts the age of whatever child she is arguing with. So if it's Layla she is fighting with she throws things, whines, and acts like a baby. If it's the boys she yells, rants, grabs, or hits.

So I was speechless. Totally just speechless (and really mad.) I told her to get in the van and to think about if she wants to go to public school where they DO segregate kids by age. Sage started crying and Ethan was in the van faster than anyone (as usual). In the car I told Charlotte to think about the way she acted and that once she thought about it she would see how totally embarrassing and immature she just acted. We weren't even out of the driveway before she burst into tears and started saying she's the worst sister ever. She's so dramatic LOL she gets it from me! :)

So I asked Charlotte how she knew it was the boys that did it. She said she didn't she just thinks so. She then got a nice lecture about our legal system (which she was interested in) and innocent until proven guilty, Salem witch trials, and the death penalty. I crack myself up! What is awesome is that I could totally log that as social studies!

I also explained to her how if the other older kids would see her treating younger kids that way and then they would all think it's okay. Which in turn would mean it's open season for anyone to be "mean" to younger kids. Something very serious I drill in my kids is you will act like the people you hang around with (and in return your friends will act like you as well!)

Charlotte seemed to understand, as I knew she would. Funny thing is there is a friendship triangle going on at sports program. I don't remember all the details but Charlotte has told me about it. Some people like this girl but not another girl, and a other girl is not nice but if Charlotte doesn't like her she thinks someone else won't like her....balah blah...total stupid stuff and friends not liking you unless you are their other friends' friends too. At any rate earlier today while talking to Charlotte she said, "Why can't everyone just get along!!" So I brought that up to her and made a strong point that way.

I haven't talked to the boys about it all yet, but I will.

My wise mother (lol) lecture ended with the ol' "there is nothing that can't be fixed" line. "Don't sweat the small stuff" (and it's all the small stuff), and "will we really remember this in the morning ...does this impact our life forever?"

All that stuff I need to remember when dealing with these kids on a daily basis.

Time to do the dishes and get these kids in bed....

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