Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am in a whirlwind of time. I haven't abandoned my blog, I'm just to busy to write. When I'm not to busy to write I don't know how to catch up to the present.

In November we went to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico with my side of the family. It was very nice to see my family and especially watch my parents enjoying their grand kids. It was beautiful, tropical and warm. We went zip-lining 300 feet above the ground and over a dramatic river gorge. The longest zip line was 1320 feet! The kids even went (just not the babies). It was very adventurous! The kids were also able to participate in releasing baby sea turtles on the beach. It was a beautiful sight watching the turtles crawl towards the sea, and then be carried away. There was a most excellent kids club where our children played, made pinatas, learned some Spanish, and more. It was a slice of beach front heaven, it's hard to believe I'm now sitting back at home in my pink robe plucking away at the computer on winter solstice!

So since we've been home I've been playing catch up. I'm dreadfully behind in everything it seems. I'm currently trying to get re organized, re focused, and re energized! There will be a lot of changes for us in 2008 and I am needing to really center myself and pull this place together because this is no time for falling behind! I found a school program online that we are using. It is my/our homeschooling answer, I think. appears to fit our needs and the price is nothing short of wonderfully do-able! Ricky is out of School for winter Break. This past few weeks have been near impossible. We made it through though. This graduate program has finally reared it's ugly head and became tough. He is amazing. I couldn't do his job, and fair enough he couldn't do mine either :)

On December 16th we had a very overdue fun day in the snow! Pictures can be found here.

Next on the list Sage turned 8 years old on December 17

The following day we had to travel to St Louis for 3 of the kids to have dental work. Nine hundred dollars later...I'm wondering why I scheduled appointments in the month of DECEMBER!? I'm also wondering what's in the sealants they just pasted over a few teeth of 2 kids. I was not on the ball with this visit. If I had been I would have really watched more carefully. Oh well.

Well as exciting as talking about dentist trips to St Louis is (not) I'm overdue for bedtime and some snuggle time. I'm outta here...
Lots of love and holiday cheer to the world, from our heart to yours...

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