Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trip to Vegas

Vegas was fun. I posted on the homeschool blog a bit about it with a couple other fun photos.

Here are some photos from my Baby brother's wedding (I am the oldest of five). Ethan and Charlotte were in the wedding. (Sage didn't want to be). Ethan is seriously boogie'n down in the picture below (then he was break-dancing in a serious way lol --hilarious!!) I'm bummed because I don't have a full length picture of me in my really pretty dress I spent 70 bucks on. I'll have to see if some one else has one. I'm sure there is some somewhere.

Ricky and I at and Grandma Wanda and Penelope walking in the old west town.

Penelope and her daddy being too cute in the hot tub

I'm online because I don't want to unpack...

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Vita said...

cutest family ever!!

on your homeschool blog, at first glance i thought charlotte was you!! until i noticed there was no baby belly. wow, she got tall, and she is YOUR CLONE!