Saturday, June 23, 2007

bad people raising more bad people

So ironic how yesterdays Holistic Moms Network meeting topic was about gentle discipline and non-violent communication.

At the park today a very nasty lady told her 5 year old son to get down from the slide to go home. He cried that he didn’t want to go home. She then said, “You get down that slide or I’m going to drag you to the car and give you an ass whooping.”
That is a direct quote with no errors. I told her not to speak to her child that way or in front of my children that way. She then told me I was a bitch and that my kids were brats. I didn’t say one word after that as we were already leaving and I AM A GOOD ROLE MODEL FOR MY KIDS. My kids were flabbergasted and asking, “Mom what’s wrong with that lady?”

Now I wish I would have said, “I care enough about your child to speak up for him, why don’t you care enough to not treat him that way?”


“Just because you are a miserable person, don’t take it out on your children.

She also had a three year old with her. It was really weird. We had been at the park for 45 minutes and were ready to leave anyway. They were only there 5 minutes. She was weird. The whole situation reeked of back woods white trash fried twinkie weirdness.

Poor kids. I should have got her licence plate.
(Sage said he saw her dragging him by the arm, as we pulled away.)

Well now my kids think I’m the nicest mom in the world. LOL ha.

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