Friday, September 7, 2007

I was Tagged by Dee Dee and Molly --That's a double tag!

I was "tagged" by both Dee Dee and Molly so here are my 8 facts/ habits

1.When I drive by funeral homes if they have the tombstones out I pick which I would want. Which leads me to tell you I have a strange obsession and sometimes fear about death. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and think, “OH MY GAWD I’M GOING TO BE DEAD SOMEDAY”
Is that one or two? I’ll count it as one. Then I can talk about myself for longer :P
2. I crack my fingers, toes, neck, ankles, wrists, back, and anything else I can manage.
3. I try and have a glass of wine (or three) in a hot bath and read Mothering or another magazine at least once a month. (I used to do this once a week, but now with 5 kids that does not happen!)
4. I’m flying by the edge of my seat “unschooling” 5 kids. I’m scared to death of it though.
5. I’m totally addicted to giving birth. It’s a drug and I crave it.
6. I love watching Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show. I’m convinced he’s the funniest man alive.
7. I’m neurotic about my house and how everything needs to “be.”
8. I really do care what people think of me, but I try not to.

I'm not tagging anyone right now. That might give me bad luck or something :)Maybe I'll tag others later.

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