Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Labor day weekend we held an ice cream fundraiser here at Indian Springs here for Friends of Missouri Midwives/Free the Midwives. It was fun. Here are the moms from left to right Me, Molly, Trisha, Summer, Erin, and Michelle. Click photo to enlarge.

The Past Couple Weeks
We have been really bust as usual. Ricky's school is off to a good start with some minor flaws. Charlotte started horseback riding lessons. Homeschool sports program is back in. Fall is in full swing and the weather is turning cool. Charlotte wont let me decorate for Halloween yet. But I did change my blog to pumpkin orange, so hah!

Messed Up Plans
Today my darling husband forgot to leave me Layla’s car seat and so I missed a Holistic Moms Network meeting about natural family planning (that I was really looking forward too), the older kids missed sports program, and we all missed homeschool enrichment class. It was quite frustrating. I still don’t know why I did indeed have Penelope’s car seat though. We all went somewhere in Ricky’s vehicle on Sunday, but I don’t remember only getting Penelope’s seat moved.

Oddly enough I didn’t feel the least bit ticked off over the ordeal, just depressed. Usually ticked off wins over sad feelings with me. I think I am so tired and frustrated with everything right now that I think I've temporarily lost my spark. It’s one of those weeks. It was alright in the long run that I was “stranded” here. I spent some time with my Uncle Doyle (the one who is dying of lung cancer) and also was around for some other family drama. (Not bad drama, just stuff and sadness about Doyle.)

My parents were here last weekend. It was a lovely visit. We played with the kids, ate sushi, and had a great time. I didn’t tell the kids they were coming, it was a surprise. Someday closer to Halloween I’ll tell the full story. It’s worth waiting for. It will be a good October entry. My family is into spooky things. The short version is that I made them a scary hunt they had to go on and at the end of all the clues they found their grandma and grandpa tied up in the Indian Springs walk in cooler! LOL. It was a total blast. The kids were so scared too as they figured out the clues on a stormy Friday night. It’s a great story.

Ricky has been bugging me relentlessly about where I want him to get a job. The job search begins even before graduation. We recently bought him hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of suits. (He looks damned spiffy too I might add). They are putting a lot of pressure on the business students to interview now (that’s why they have a 95% employment rate at graduation I’d suspect.). He is also going to the career fair at UMR.

So he’s bugging me about where I want to live. Duh, I want to live at Indian Springs. Somehow I’m just not getting that there is no money out here, and thus no high paying finance jobs. Silly me. The other day we had a discussion about how he’s always trying to make me happy and so I want him to make sure he is happy.(With work and whatnot) and he said, “I’m happy if you’re happy.” And I said, “Well I’m happy if you’re happy!” I asked him why he's always trying to make me so happy and he didn't even have to say anything. It was all in his eyes. I did tell him that he is turning me into a spoiled brat so he better be careful. He laughed. But I'm serious. You give me an inch.... *smile*

I'm so stressed, he's so stressed, the kids are bickering a lot, we have fleas in the house, we have too many animals... but dammit life is so, so good. I'll re read that tomorrow when I'm up to my ears in stress.

Last topic: I need to simplify. There are a few things making me really unhappy (fleas for one!) and one is too much stuff in the house. The other is too many darn cats and dogs. And lastly I have to get on a better schedule, and stick with it for more than a week, or half a month.

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