Saturday, October 13, 2007


Charlotte, my 11 year old, had chips and scrambled eggs for dinner. Mixed together! She tried to convince me that it's good. I guess potatoes and eggs go together I relented.

Charlotte and I spent hours tonight making Halloween candied apples and dipped pretzels that we are going to mail to my parents. I'm going to post pictures on my website and link to it later. We got very creative.

Charlotte started playing soccer 5 weeks ago. This is her first season playing soccer. I feel Charlotte has learned a lot about soccer and a couple weeks ago I really noticed she was improving drastically. I love her coach! When she first started playing she was more reserved than I had expected, but it didn't take long and she found her niche in the game. Today after her second game (they play 2 every Saturday) the coach told me, "Charlotte is doing great, she is a soccer natural. She gets the game." I knew she was doing good, but I didn't know she was doing that good! I was so happy to hear that!
I felt like all the driving for 2 practices and 2 games a week have been worth while. Soccer has been hard on me, especially with 5 kids, and all the driving.
A 35 dollar soccer sign up has turned into hundreds of dollars when I factor in gas, food since we have to spend all day in rolla on Saturdays, soccer cleats and hot pink shin guards.
Charlotte's cold rosy cheeks just beamed at hearing her coach. I am so happy to have an athletic kid! I think I really missed out by not getting involved in sports as a child.

A couple weeks ago Charlotte asked me if I had ever stolen anything. I said... well it depended. LOL. I fudged the truth a wee-bit like I always do to hide my former bad-girl image from my children. (I plan to make them think I'm a prude. I might be failing though, the other night at Six Flags Fright Night we got spray on tattoos and I asked the kid doing them if he does butts. I WAS KIDDING! It cracked him up, and my kids were humorously mortified and said, "Mommm!" HeeHeeHee)
Anyway, Charlotte confessed to stealing something from lost in found when she was in public school years ago. Apparently it was a small stuffed animal and she was so guilt ridden she had her friend return it to lost in found a year later. She couldn't return it herself because she no longer went to the public school.

I told her I never considered lost-and-found stealing, as long as you give it a chance to sit there a while.

I love that kid.
I love that she asks and tells me about important things.

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