Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love you

Excuse me for gushing, but I am in love. Head over heels in love with my husband. In regards to him being so busy with school: it's quality over quantity. And so that is where we are at right now. Taking one day at a time and enjoying the ride all the while being overwhelmed with kids and school (both graduate and homeschool!)
The past couple months have been really bummer months. Just in general. It seems like one thing after another has happened. I hate it when real life gets in the way of my good time. However, as the leaves turn from green to the brilliant colors of fall things are finally balancing out yet again. (And I'm becoming more accepting of many changes and challenges)

We are all set into a new routine, as hectic as it may be. Ricky is almost done with his first quarter of classes and it is exciting to hear him be so positive about such a challenge. I do not know how he does it. This month he will be at school until 11pm on Penelope's 1st b-day, our anniversary, and Halloween. Which totally sucks! But we will make it up. We will find the time to celebrate on different days. Those days he's gone I'll get extra kisses and more phone calls than usual. He says he sees the light at the end of the tunnel... and so I follow his lead.

He is working his head off at school. To balance all of that, and us. He's amazing. I'm forever grateful for him.

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