Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm pregnant!

The kids are watching http://www.brainpop.com/ so perhaps I can post a entry. I have a big announcement, we are having another baby. I am due this August with our 6th little whipper-snapper. We decided in Mexico that we were done having kids and stopping at 5, but we came home and soon I was pregnant. Ha! We had always felt there was a little boy out there and I feel he's in my belly right now. In fact in Mexico I said a prayer to my little boy out there and told him I was sorry and that he needed to find another family, perhaps one of my children some day. The powers that be (of not charting my cycle right LOL!) spoke and we are granted another child. I'd have 10 more babies if it didn't take 2+ years to nurse them and 18 years each to raise them. :)

If it's not a little boy then I was wrong, and we had a little girl out there waiting for us. ;) Some one is in there though. I feel them fluttering. I'm about 16 weeks.

  • Sage wants twins.
  • Layla says, "I think it's a baby boy, or a baby girl!" lol.
  • Charlotte cried happy tears.
  • Ethan thinks it's cool.
  • Penelope has to share her nursies now. So we'll see what she thinks in August. :) She will be almost 2 when new baby arrives. (oct 17 is her b-day)
  • The husband is excited and was initially much calmer than me. He loves babies.
  • I was petrified and just went along my normal routine not quite believing it! Then one day I touched my swelling belly and that feeling came over me; that powerful realization that I was growing life, coupled with total satisfaction. I also felt grateful for this gift. I felt thankful to my husband who loves me and this crazy life of ours. I always said I wanted six children. And so the largest, most hardest, amazing, crazy, fulfilling goal of my whole life has now been granted to me. (be careful what you wish for :) Now I have to raise them all.

In other news Ricky has been interviewing for lots of jobs and now has a few second interviews. The choices we have are crazy. Everything from moving to Texas to staying here (but commuting to the city). One of the craziest developments is a possible job offer which would include a 10 week stint in Alabama for training. This would mean the new baby would actually be born in Alabama! :-0


So I don't have much to follow all that up with. That is the big news and it's big! Everything else is fine. I'm blissfully happy and content (now that morning sickness is gone and my energy is back up).

I have a small sinus infection brewing in my head. I just asked Layla to get me a tissue from the bathroom and she brought me ONE square of toilet tissue. I cracked up and said, "What am I going to do with that? Can you get me a little more?" And she got all mad and said' "HUMMPH" and stormed off. Haaaaah.

I'm thinking about starting a homeschool and family life blog to keep track of what we've been up to. It would be helpful I think. I'd like a log of what we do all day.

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