Monday, June 16, 2008

Mama and babies

I updated my website's pregnancy page today and added a new photo Charlotte took of me outside yesterday. The photo is also below. She had fun snapping photos yesterday and I was glad to get one of me in my too small swimsuit. (not a maternity suit lol)

Charlotte also took a photo of me nursing Penelope and Layla getting hair. For those that don't know Layla has a hair thing. She has loved my hair since she was a newborn (and thumb sucking). She grabs it, holds it, caresses it, twists it, and smells it. It's her comfort. So this second picture is so much of what mothering these two girls is for me, nearly a constant of me giving myself to them. I love them dearly and one day they will be grown. No matter how tired or worn I may get I remember that above all else.

I also updated the homeschool blog.
Last week Ricky's first week of work went great. He likes it, he likes the people. It isn't exactly "work" yet. He doesn't have a computer yet and he has mostly been doing reading, tutorials, meeting with people, sitting in on meetings, and so forth. Everyone there sounds really nice. Today was his first early day (last week he got to go in at 10am). School is also going well for him. This is his last week, then finals! Then done!
This week I am going to continue decluttering, taking the kids to the library, going to drive 1.5 hr to Whole Foods, going to our homeschool summer solstice party, and going to the Friends of Missouri Midwives Picnic. Hopefully it will be a fun week and not too exhausting...


Molly said...




Molly said...

LOL! What a horrible, and also funny, trip to the car wash. The poop, the poop...I can hardly believe it!



Michelle said...

Very cute picture of you, and you with the little girls.
I have a picture of me (35 weeks pregnant with Hunter) and Kerilynn (in a floatie) in the creek. Talk about too small swimsuit! lol