Saturday, July 14, 2007

Doula day 2

The ALACE training is going AWESOME. Really like it. Dee Dee, the instructor, is awesome. She is a great teacher and super person. The workshop as a whole is very trusting of birth and a women's ability. (even not so bad for super unassisted birther over here) It's very good to hear that some routine procedures, like suctioning of healthy stress free babies, are on the decline. Slowly, in some areas, real birth is starting to make a comeback. It's a loong road though.

I would like to go in depth about the training when I have time (yeah right! time what's that?) I'm not going to right now because I'd be here all night if I did! I looked online for peoples thoughts about the workshop and "reviews" so to speak and never found one. So, I want to write about it and maybe someone who searches will come up with mine.

Penelope has been awesome. The first day she was a bit hard, but day two was a breeze.

Funny today I realized and thought to myself "wow they are really preparing me to be a doula, maybe I'll be one" LOL. Like what else did I think they would prepare me to do? After all I am spending 400 bucks, right? LOL.
My confidence about being a labor support person has totally gone up and I really want to make a difference in hospitals. That said, we will see.

I have a domain now! My website is now
(can you believe that wasn't taken already?)
It's not working yet, it could take up to 3 days for the servers to make the switch.

Last week I labored over my website and I am so happy I did! I added a cool section with blessingways, birth art, placenta rituals, and motherhood and birth quotes. I am really liking my new layout too. I didn't do much but I tweaked a thing or three.

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