Sunday, August 5, 2007

Free the Midwives in Missouri and World Breastfeeding Week

Life has been very busy! This past week in addition to normal everyday things we went to the Capital (Jefferson City) and went to world Breastfeeding Week Picnic in Rolla. You can view more pictures here
I'm going to start keeping a page of activism type photos.

The rally at the capital was a great experience for the kids. It was fun but a hot day! If you want to know more about current midwifery issues in Misssouri here are some links: Friends Of Missouri Midwives , Politics Blog , Dr's Try to Block Midwives Law STLtoday
The most amazing thing was that my husband and I got to see the Business of Being Born documentary, compliments of Ricki Lake. She issued a statement of support for Missouri too. The film was great and was donated before it's release and for free. It was very nicely done. There were things I didn't care for (after all I am an unassisted birther at heart!)BUT, all in all it was fantastic. It will be released this fall I hear. I was elated to be in a room with 3 of my closest girl friends AND my husband to see the film and rally at the capital. It was very special to me.

The World Breastfeeding Week picnic was fun. I got to hang out with good friends, have good food, and support breastfeeding!

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