Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Oprah today was amazing. I've been waiting 11 years to see something like this on Oprah (many more parents have been waiting longer than me)! I've written a dozen letters to Oprah.com since 1998: "Please do a show on vaccines." "Please do a show about Autism." "Please do a show about mercury poisoning our kids." "Hey Oprah, you know what really effects parents and children? Vaccines!"

Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete both were on the show talking about the experiences they have had with their sons who have Autism. They ask why no one is listening to the mothers of kids with Autism. Jenny also has written a book called, Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism. She shares her experiences but also talks about healing children with Autism, which includes diet. (Wheat and dairy allergies effect these kids' moods and behavior patterns as well as food coloring/additives.)

I was thrilled to see this show air today. It's about damn time.

From Oprah.com and the show today...
In recent years, the number of children diagnosed with autism has risen from 1 in every 500 children to 1 in 150—and science has not discovered a reason why. Jenny says she believes that childhood vaccinations may play a part. "What number will it take for people just to start listening to what the mothers of children who have seen autism have been saying for years, which is, 'We vaccinated our baby and something happened."

Jenny says even before Evan received his vaccines, she tried to talk to her pediatrician about it. "Right before his MMR shot, I said to the doctor, 'I have a very bad feeling about this shot. This is the autism shot, isn't it?' And he said, 'No, that is ridiculous. It is a mother's desperate attempt to blame something,' and he swore at me, and then the nurse gave [Evan] the shot," she says. "And I remember going, 'Oh, God, I hope he's right.' And soon thereafter—boom—the soul's gone from his eyes."

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